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Information for Faculty

DECIDE, the Division for Early Childhood’s Consortium for Innovations in Doctoral Excellence, strives to enhance the quality of doctoral education for DEC’s future leaders through the use of innovative approaches to learning. Higher education faculty, researchers, and policy/advocacy members of DECIDE can have a role in the preparation of doctoral students as a contributor to DECIDE. The only requirements for participation are DEC membership and an interest in doctoral education.


DECIDE seeks to engage higher education faculty, researchers, policymakers, and early childhood special education advocates and current doctoral students in a reciprocal relationship that provides doctoral students with support and mentorship while offering participating leaders in the field an opportunity to collaborate with future leaders, thereby creating a meaningful community of practice. Together, professionals and students work together to help shape the future of the fields of early intervention and early childhood special education (EI/ECSE).

Currently, DECIDE leadership members are working together to:​

  • Offer webinars on topics of interest to doctoral students in EI/ECSE.

  • Offer collaborative course offerings via distance learning.

  • Meet face-to-face at regional gatherings as well as the annual DEC conference.

  • Create “virtual internships” for doctoral students that will help them prepare for leadership positions in the EI/ECSE community.

  • ​Identify and capitalize on opportunities for doctoral students to engage in research with members of DEC who have a research focus.

Interested in advancing other endeavors with DECIDE? 

The sky’s the limit if we can work together to support high-quality learning experiences for DEC’s future leaders!


Interested in joining?

Please take a quick membership survey here: https://kent.qualtrics.com/SE/?SID=SV_ewU8OE3VqprhFLT 


Interested in finding out more about DECIDE?

Please contact Laura McCorkle, DECIDE Leader, lmccork3@uncc.edu.